The 10 Best Pizza Restaurants in Naples

What makes the perfect pizza in Naples, home of the stuff?  Is it the dough, made only with Type 00 flour, sea salt, certain yeast and the special, slightly effervescent water?  The wood-fired oven raised to just the right temperature?  The skill of the pizza maker or pizzaiolo?  Or the simple classic toppings, limited to ‘Marinara’ (originally for the fishermen and consisting of tomato, oil, oregano, and garlic) and ‘Margherita’ (named in honour of a previous Queen of Italy and with tomato, oil, mozzarella or fior di latte, grated cheese and basil)?  The list of regulations for a vera or real pizza is long.  One food blogger tries here to provide the definitive guide.

Certainly pizza here is unique: thin, crisp, smoky crust with a soft, soupy centre.  It has to be freshly cooked with a few, good quality toppings (no pineapple).  And it is best eaten in the Centro Storico.

So here, in Italian and probably highly controversial given the passions that are aroused when talking pizza, here is a list of the top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Naples.  One of our favourites is Pizzeria Di Matteo.  The picture above is of their tiny kitchen.

What’s yours?


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