Recipe of the Week: Faraona alla Leccarda – Umbrian cuisine at its best

On our way back from Assisi the other week, we stopped in the lovely hilltop Umbrian town of Todi.  In the centre, we found the charming little restaurant Pane e Vino which was busy with Sunday lunchers, some evidently up for the day from Rome.  Umbrian cuisine is famous, amongst many things, for its meat.  I previously blogged about porchetta but over the weekend we also ate pigeon, rabbit and wild boar.  This was a welcome change from Naples with its tomatoes, sea food and mozzarella.

But the best dish of the weekend came last.  In the restaurant which has a rustic-type menu, I ate Faraona (guineafowl) alla Leccarda which has a sauce based on chicken livers  and which is whizzed up separately from the roasted bird before being combined and served. The lady chef in her small and spotless kitchen scribbled the ingredients (livers, olives, garlic, wine, vinegar, capers, rosemary, sage) on a Post-It for me.

Here is a recipe and photo from the blog Recipes from Umbria.  You can take the meat off the bone and, combined with the sauce, would go well on bruschetta or as a pasta sauce.  But as a roast lunch it was absolutely delicious with the different flavours combining perfectly.


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