Italian Cocktail of the Week: Sgroppino al Limone

What better on a Italian evening than to sit outside, sipping this classic boozy smoothie from the Veneto, the terra firma of Venice.

The Sgroppino is a lovely blend of lemon gelato, vodka and prosecco, the local sparkling wine.  With its origins in the 16th Century when it was eaten by aristocrats between fish and meat dishes, it can be drunk as a pre-dinner cocktail, as a palate cleanser or as a digestif.  The word Sgroppino means ‘to untie’ and the light, icy, lemony whipped snow cuts through the palate.  And it only takes a few minutes to make.

Recipe (via the Guardian) below

Makes 4
4 scoops of good quality lemon sorbet
25ml vodka
40ml prosecco

1.Whizz together the sorbet with the vodka preferably by hand with a whisk in a bowl or, if pressed for time, in a liquidiser or blender.

2. Slowly add the prosecco until it reaches a smooth, pouring consistency.

3. Divide between four glasses.

4. If you want to mix it up, pour a little sambuca into the centre of each glass before serving.  Or replace the vodka with some limoncello to give it more of a lemony punch.

Cin Cin

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