Some last minute Italian slang phrases before the exam on Monday

Studying Advanced Italiano

Thank you Huffington Post for this list.

Che figata! “What a cool thing!” “It’s official. Prada wants to hire me!” “Che figata!”
Che palle! What a pain! “Dobbiamosalire1000 gradini per raggiungerela cima!” “Che palle!”
Figurati! It’s not a problem! “I’m sorry I spilled red wine on your brand new, white 500€ Gucci shirt.” “…Figurati!”
Mi fa cagare! It’s awful! (lit. it makes me want to defecate) That restaurant? Mi fa cagare!” “His tight shirt? Mi fa cagare!” “American coffee? Mi fa cagare!”
Che schifo! How disgusting A pigeon poops on your head: “Che schifo!”
Dai! Come on! (encouragement) (encouragement) “Let’s go to Sicily.” “No.” “Dai!” OR “One more shot of limoncello, dai!”  
Stop it! (stop it!) ” Someone’s stealing chips from your plate? “dai!”
Meno Male! Thank god! Ho finalmente superato l’esame. Meno…

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