Camorra Tattoos from the 19th Century

More on Camorra distinguishing marks here.  Image and decode below via WordPress Blogger Ulcere.

Fig. 1- Names of his mistresses in chronological order.
Fig. 2- tattoo symbolic of the Camorra: A, the watchword of the Bourbon government; B, amulet against the evil eye; C, comet as a symbol of good fortune; E, key: the secret; I, rat: joy.
Fig. 3- tattoo of revenge; a grave with the inscription: ‘carrion, we bury you here’.
Fig. 4- tattoo of revenge. A thief, who was arrested 18 times and convicted 15 times for robberies, escapes and rapes: actually performed the threat expressed with tattoo: ‘with this gun shoot at the police. nard vincenzo, 1882 ‘.
Fig. 5- lines and points that indicate the degrees of the Camorra: A first degree of the Camorra; B, second degree, picciotto of Sgarro; C, D, last degrees.
Fig. 6- obscene: enrollment in the jargon: ‘grab him’.
Fig. 7- Antonio G – racketeer, with a long snake biting m 1:35 left breast. then the names of his mistresses, the dates of his exploits against the police; triangle with three points indicates the degree in Camorra.
Fig. 8- chest: a woman seen from the back, with the inscription: ‘in your a*us I have lost half of my c*ck’.
Fig. 9- hieroglyphs indicating: ‘You are the key to my heart’.
Fig. 10- grave with the inscription: ‘death to you VZ’.
Fig. 11- nickname hieroglyph of A – boss of the Camorra: cat head.
Fig. 12- ‘snail’ nickname of P – head of the Camorra.
Fig. 13- obscenity on R – racketeer, rapist and robber.

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