Io Amo Napoli!

Marcello Mastroianni Marriage Italian style (1964)- A greying, sick man sits on a beach on a southern shore and speaks warmly about Naples.  Marcello Mastroianni, the incomparable and very cool post-war Italian actor, notes that ‘the strength of the Neapolitan is their character, in their nature, in their traditions’.  He continues:

‘Io amo Napoli. E’ la città meno americanizzata d’Italia anzi d’Europa. Una volta a Roma,mentre passeggiavo,qualcuno alle mie spalle disse:”Ammazza le rughe,come s’è invecchiato!”, invece a Napoli uno mi si avvicinò così:” Marcellì, ce simmo fatt’ viecchiarell,eh? ‘o volite nu cafe?” :che garbo,che gentilezza d’animo…Napoli va presa come una città unica,molto intelligente: Napoli è troppo speciale quindi non la possono capire tutti’.

Translation and video below.

‘I love Naples.  It is the least Americanized city in Italy and also in Europe.  Once, when I was strolling in Rome, someone said over my shoulder ‘Look at the wrinkles.  How he’s aged!’ whereas in Naples a man approached me [in Neapolitan] so:  ‘Marcelli, we’re getting old, hey?  Fancy a coffee?’  How graceful, how kind in spirit…Naples should be seen as a unique city, very intelligent: Naples is so special that not everyone can understand it’.

Video from the film ‘Marcello Mastroianni: I remember‘.  Picture of Mastroianni in Marriage Italian Style (1964), filmed in part in Naples.


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