Grotta del Tuono, Posillipo, Naples

The Grotto of Thunder, looking out over Nisida island.

Here the slayer of Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus, plotted with Cassius and, after the assassination, walked with Cicero who ‘apud illum multas horas in Néside’ – spent many hours in Nisida – to discuss the future of Rome.

Photo via Napoli Underground, a website dedicated to exploration of subterranean Naples.


Sunday Song from Naples: ‘A Marechiaro ce sta na fenesta…’

Just along the coast from Naples there is the little fishing hamlet of Marechiaro, reached by a narrow twisty lane that descends from Via Posillipo.  It’s wildly popular at the weekend with sunbathers,  swimmers and boaters due to the clean water, the panoramic views over the Bay of Naples, and the cluster of seafood restaurants along the shore.

It’s also famous for the classic Neapolitan song A Marechiaro which tells of a window in the village, marked with a carnation, at which Caroline appears to be serenaded by a young fisherman-in-love.  The song is sung here by Roberto Murolo, son of the city, classic interpreter of Naples songs with a wonderful voice.