The Naples Jacket – A Cut above

Before we moved to Naples, I read a lot about the long tradition of high-quality tailoring in the city.  As this article explains, the roots of the present industry date back to the ‘Confraternita dell’Arte dei Giubbonai e dei Cositori (Brotherhood of Jacket makers and of Tailors)’ which was founded in 1351 near the Mercato.  By the 1600s there were over 600 registered tailors in the city.  Subsequently the fortunes of the trade ebbed and flowed alongside those of the city before getting another boost in the 1900s with the appearance of Angelo Blasi on the scene.

As this excellent article by Parisian Gentlemen explains, Mr Blasi found his ‘inspiration in English tailoring, a structured jacket with padded and narrowed shoulders’, crafting his work ‘to emulate many of the characteristics’ of the suits from London.

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