‘Vibrant, chaotic and gloriously dilapidated’: a Love Letter to Naples

This is not a city of restraint; the full-on traditions of Pompeii, just around the bay, are alive and well here. The voices are loud, the greetings boisterous, the pizzas fabulous, the driving atrocious, the architecture glorious, the religious rituals weird, and the policemen more fabulously turned out than a Gilbert and Sullivan rear admiral.

Stanley Stewart of the UK Daily Telegraph loves ‘this underrated gem’ of a city.  Do you?

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Saving Naples

It is sadly true that, despite the many wonders and attractions of the historic centre of Naples, a lot of the buildings in this UNESCO World Heritage Site are in a sorry state of repair.  Formerly beautiful Palazzos are run down with little sign of repair work.  Churches are locked, damp has eaten into the walls and netting is strung along roofs protects passers by from falling masonry.  And there is a lack of money, and will, to do anything about it.

Here the BBC’s Rome correspondent looks into the issue:

Millions of euros have been promised for renovations but is this enough to restore the heart of the city and make the most of its past?

via BBC News – Saving one of Italy’s oldest cities from crumbling away.

Picture via UNESCO.


Naples – one of Europe’s 15 Best second cities

Fodor’s Travel likes smaller European cities:

When it comes to traveling across Europe, most tourists come equipped with a checklist of must-see places: London, Paris, and Rome, among others. Meanwhile, lesser-known cities remain under the radar for most travelers—but bypassing these “second cities” would be a mistake, as these destinations offer distinctive cultures and histories that are worth experiencing firsthand.

And Naples is on the list.  See the Fodor’s Travel Guide to Naples here.

“Built like a great amphitheater around her beautiful bay, Naples is an eternally unfolding play acted by a million of the best actors in the world,” Herbert Kubly observed in his American in Italy.

We love it – ‘a steaming, bubbling, reverberating minestrone…’


20 Reasons to Fall in Love with Naples

‘Few Italian cities cause as many arguments as Naples. Travelers either see it as chaotic and unwelcoming or else passionately believe that the city is one of Italy’s most vibrant and unique. Almost no travelers stand in the middle. Is the dividing line drawn between those looking for a quintessentially romantic Italian experience versus those seeking an adventure?’

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