Don’t miss the Calendimaggio in Assisi

Just back from a flying visit to Assisi in Umbria where the town is getting ready for the Calendimaggio, its Spring festival with ancient roots which will take place next weekend.

For it, the town is split into two, the Upper, with banners in  blue, and the Lower in red.  The flags have started appearing everywhere as the town gears itself for this unique occasion.  In the past, the rivalry between the two turned deadly serious.  Nowadays, the festival is more good natured with music, sporting competitions, tests of skill, spring maidens and of course lots of local food and drink.

We came across these guys from the Lower (or Parte de Sotto) selling Porchetta in a side cellar off the main street which leads up the hill to Piazza del Comune.  They were raising money for their association and were serving food for one day only.

In Umbria, the boned roasted pork is stuffed with offal and scented with wild fennel.  One panino of juicy, herb scented pork with crisp, herbed crackling plus a glass local wine cost only 4 Euros and was absolutely delicious.  The men offered cooked livers to the crowd to accompany the pork – rich but not everyone’s choice.

Get your porchetta at the Calendimaggio next Friday to Sunday.  Forza the Reds!


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